1. What is the first thing I should upgrade?

Answer: Typically this is up to you, we typically like to upgrade the items that will help handling first off, and then upgrade items to increase durability and finally upgrade items to increase performance. Ready-to-Run kits usually include servos that get the job done, but usually not that well upgrading your servo will help your handling, Shocks are usually an important as well as tires and will improve handling. Items that can encounter stress or other objects are good places to start, be careful what you upgrade, some upgrades are for bling and may not be any stronger then the original. Good rule of thumb is if it breaks often upgrade it, if it will make it look better upgrade it pretty simple, but watch how heavy you are making your model to many unnecessary upgrades can make it look better, but you could loose performance. Last but not least those important performance items. Bigger motor bigger battery sure, but the key items are Lightweight components and Low friction components are the key to beating your buddies.

2. I want a new servo what should I be looking for?

Answer: If you are looking for a replacement servo, start with the easy stuff, if your stock servo was analog and plastic gears, look for a servo that improves just those two things is all that may be needed. A Digital servos and metal gears this will make a better then stock replacement. If you are looking for an upgraded servo, Make sure you first improve the servo. Go from analog to digital and go from plastic gear to metal, you basically want the servo to perform and increase cycle life first. Second you want to look at the type of servo DC, Coreless, Brushless this is the type of motor used to operate the servo Brushless servos are the highest-grade servos. Last pick your specs based on your application. You want the servo speed to be as close to or under .10sec with at least the minimum torque needed for your application. You also want to make sure if available you increase your torque rating beyond what is needed for your application this will reduce servo wear and tear as it will not continuously be under full load.

3.I want to get a brushless system for my car, which one should I get?

Answer: The most important part is the speed controller. Spend the money on the speed controller for the best results. In alphabetical order LRP/Reedy, Novak, Orion, Speed Passion, Tekin and Viper all offer high quality race systems. LRP, Novak, Castle Creations, Traxxas all offer great basher systems.

4.What brushless motor type is better, Senorless or Sensored?

Answer: Almost always Sensored is the best option. Sensor based systems use a hall sensor to keep track of where the motor is and can fire the sequence correctly when you re-apply throttle giving you a much smother and accurate throttle and braking response. Because the motor knows where the rotor is at all times. Sensorless is not always the wrong way to go, It offers less components which means less can go wrong and are typically known to be tougher and can handle abuse better. If you intend to race go Sensored. If you plan only to bash Sensorless may be the way to go.

5.I need a better charger what should I look for?

Answer: First off ask yourself where are you going to use it? If you have access to 110-ac power get an AC or AC/DC charger. If you intend to use it camping or something like that where you will not have power make sure you get DC only or AC/DC and use your 12volt car battery or 12volt DC source. Features to look for include CC-CV options for LiPo batteries. Digital readouts for charge process and possible memory recall of last charge is also a good thing to have. Charge function settings like sensitivity mAh capacity are also very good features to have.

6.I am thinking about getting into racing, what kit should I start with?

Answer: If you have not purchased a Hobby grade R/C model before you may want to think about an RTR based on a racing platform to learn the basics. A few race brands in alphabetical order offer their race models in RTR platforms such as, Losi, Team Associated and even some Traxxas models can make pretty good RTR starter race models. If you are ready for a kit pick a class you are interested in we recommend 17.5 2wd buggy, 17.5 2wd racing truck, 17.5 2wd Short Course, 17.5 sedan etc are the best entry level classes or slower if available in your area. Here is a quick list of brands that offer race kits in alphabetical order. Durango, Kyosho, Losi, Team Associated and TLR. If you are not sure what you want, check with your local race club or track and ask what classes are most popular for entry-level racers and start there.

7.What are C ratings and why are they important?

Answer: C rating is the Current a LiPo battery can produce during discharge. The higher the number the better, but it is not required that you have to purchase the highest C rating available for every application. There is minimums needed for certain model scales and certain high rated systems though so make sure you check what the minimum needed is before you purchase a battery. Typically a low current draw application can do fine with 35C or less. More demanding systems or larger vehicles need 40C or higher and racing the higher C rating you can get the better.

8.What is better Plastic, Carbon or Aluminum?

Answer: They are all equally as good. Where you use what material however can effect what is better. Here is a simple guide to try and help you decide what part and its material you will need. If it is supposed to move by design or purpose plastic is best, like suspension arms or even bumpers that are supposed to have flex. Plastic is your best option. If it needs less flex then say stock plastic parts but not the weight of aluminum carbon is best, like shock towers and battery hold down straps. Carbon is your best option. If it is for support or mounting aluminum is best, like pivot blocks and motor mounts. Aluminum is your best option.

9.I want to upgrade my radio system what should I get?

Answer: If you are going to upgrade your radio system you need to upgrade to 2.4ghz. Second get more then one model memory to allow your expansion. Digital radios may have a lot of features you may think you will never need or use and you are probably right, the reason you would want to spend the extra money is eventually one day you might and more importantly the useful things only high end radios include like advanced EPA (end point adjustments), advanced Trims and trim steps, channel selection options, Signal quality and speed and advanced frame rate options are features you will need and want.

10. How do I set up my car, I really want it to work better?

Answer: Here is the very short guide on what to do. First off completely clean your car, nothing you do will make your car handle better if its covered in Nitro residue or oily dirt on all your moving parts, Second Check for bind, rough or gritty issues and repair and or replace. Third Rebuild any components that require lubricant like shocks, transmissions with fresh seals and fluid and rebuild any wear items like clutches and slippers etc. You can’t make a worn out or dirty car faster then it already is. Okay now that you are starting fresh start with tires, tires, tires, 75% of making your car handle or not handle is tires. Tread design, Compound, Inserts etc. There are lots of options so get help from those in your area getting close and see what works best for you. Second Set your Ride Height, Toe and Camber. There are tools available to help you set up your model correctly. Look for set-up sheets if available these can help you greatly get a starting point. Last, but not least practice, practice, practice and try things don’t settle for okay, most of these models are highly tunable.

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